Hazardous Materials Abatement including Asbestos, Lead and Mold.

Lead Abatement

lead abatement


CPM Environmental lead abatement team’s trained and certified leadership, manpower and specialized equipment can execute any sized project in the most cost effective, safe and timely manner.

CPM Environmental is committed to the protection of its employees, other trades working on site and the environment during lead and other toxic material abatement processes

The CPM Environmental lead abatement team is skilled in all aspects of management of the hazardous waste, from identification to appropriate disposal, and provides the services needed to satisfy the Environmental Protection Act, DOT and Cal-OSHA Regulations. Lead-based paint or Lead-containing dust inspection: Our qualified Inspectors conduct inspections to determine the existence of lead-based paint through a surface-bysurface investigation of the residential dwelling, child-occupied facility, or other structure/ object as requested by the client. The inspection is conducted using documented methodologies and adequate quality control measures and the results are incorporated into a comprehensive report. Lead Abatement/Removal works: Depending on the nature of lead materials and site
conditions CPM Environmental employs safe and cost-effective remediation methods to ensure that the lead hazard has been either removed or managed in accordance with EPA, Cal-OSHA Standards. As a lead abatement removal contractor we offer the following services:

• Lead Paint and Dust Removal

• Lead Paint Encapsulation

• Chemical Stripping

• Lead Dust Cleanup

• Lead Paint Remediation

Typical Lead paint and Dust Removal Projects

• Removal of flaking wall paint via mechanical means (brushes, scrapers)

• Abrasive blasting removal of paint from building interiors

• Decontamination of lead dust via HEPA vacuum

• Cleanup of industrial facilities and plants with historic lead paint and lead dust contamination

• Abrasive blasting of tanks and other exterior structures

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Related Licenses/Registration/Certification

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lead Safe Certified
# NAT-105905-2.  Expires on March 19, 2021.

Contractors State License Board (CSLB) Certificate
NO #838116 Classifications:  B, A, C21, ASB, HAZ, C22.  Expires May 31, 2018.

California Unified Certification Program Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (CUCP/DBE) Certificate
NAICS Codes—#236220 Commercial and Institutional Building Construction; #541330 Engineering Services; #541618 Other management Consulting Services.
Work Category Codes—#C8715 Consultant, Engineering; #C9801 Building Construction; #C8720 Civil Engineering.

California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) Registration
Reg. No. 1000011770.  Expires June 30, 2017.

CMD (formerly SFHRC) Certified Minority Owned San Francisco Local Business Enterprise (LBE) letter of certification
of General Engineering Contracting (A) and General Building Contracting (B).  Certification Number CMD0771711255.  Expires July 31, 2017


Laborer's Local Union No. 67

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